The Local Farmer 1833

Narrated by: Colin Jones

I am Morgan Morgan a farmer from Llansamlet. It is 1833.

I have lived in the parish of Llansamlet for 39 years and can remember before these works were established. When the wind blows over Mr. Vivian’s works, it blows against Kilvey Hill. The hill is high and as barren as a road.

When I first knew Kilvey and that side of Llansamlet the land was very good corn, hay and pasture land; cattle and horses grazed on it. It is all barren now, and what there is, no cattle will eat it. If they eat it, it will poison them. The smoke has an effect through the bones, breaks the ribs of the cattle, and produces large knobs on their legs, some lying down and could not stand. Many of the farms are now untenanted, because there is no grass or culture for cattle or horses. There are no trees there now but I can remember oak, ash and sycamore.

Source: Evidence from the Copper Smoke Trial held at Carmarthen Assizes in 1833

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