Surrey Students Visit

A group of A-level students from George Abbot School in Surrey visited the site to learn about post-industrial landscapes and the important role of heritage in creating identity and building a better future. As far as we know George Abbot School win the award for the greatest distance traveled for a school visit yet! Correct us if we’re wrong.


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  1. Jonathan Clark October 5, 2016 at 3:15 pm · ·

    Stuart’s concise tour of the Copperworks for A level Geography students absolutely hits the spot. The elements of current A level ‘Place’ geography are all covered here – industrial to post industrial landscape, heritage, culture, rebranding and modern marketing make this an excellent case study. The Lower Swansea Valley holds a great deal for geographers and Hafod-Morfa stands as a fascinating microcosm of the story, with its vulnerable chimneys left as the last iconic industrial site for us to visit.

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