Swansea Copper Stories


A key feature of the copper industry was its connection to the wider community. During its heyday, much of the community owed their livelihoods to the copper industry in one way or another. There was a strong tradition of workers following in the footsteps of their families and relatives who worked at the site. Knowledge was passed on from generation to generation through these connections. Housing in the local area was often built and rented by the owners of the copper works. People often stressed a strong sense of community amongst workers and the local people. This theme is about tracing these social connections to the wider history of Swansea.

Were there any characters in the area?

Did they have a canteen?

What was it like to live in foxhole?

Did you ever go back to the social club?

Using the coal barges to go to church

Fetching jugs of beer for the furnacemen

Were there any shops in the area?