The Engine House Boy

Narrated by Judith Scott

I am Judith Scott. It is 2014.

The Engine House is near the Hafod Copper Mills. Its purpose was to drive the mills. This was done by a large wheel connected to the main engine by a number of ropes which were driving belts. The engine was a “Musgrave”. The big wheel was geared to drive the mill rolls. As a boy, my Grandfather George Paddison had a near fatal accident on this wheel in 1916.

It was a game played by the boys at work to sit on the ropes at the lowest point to ride a few feet on them and then jump off.

My Grandfather failed to jump off the ropes and was taken over the wheel and down into the pit. He was picked up thought to be dead wrapped in sacking and taken to Swansea Hospital mortuary where he was found to be still alive. He was literally sewn together all down his left side.

He was given a job for life. There was no compensation in those days but he was given a job as a weigh bridge operator and then a gantry driver. He worked there for forty years.

The remains of the engine house still remain but have been vandalised to a ruin.

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